Morrison reveals modelling for Covid vaccine targets; NSW confirms 199 new local cases; Qld records 16 – politics live

Anyone who thinks that the prime minister only has two jobs is not up for the job, Mr Speaker. He’s not up for the job because anyone who knows who’s ever occupied this office, Mr Speaker, understands that the job’s a multitude, Mr Speaker, protecting our security interests, protecting the health of the country, ensuring the economy is moving forward.

That our children are educated, our science labs and research are funded, that our railways are being built and like the inland rail or the Western Sydney Airport is being constructed. Mr Speaker, anyone who has done this job or seriously thinks they can do it understands, Mr Speaker …

… That any prime minister has more than that, but when it comes to the focus, Mr Speaker, saving lives and livelihoods has been the task of our government, Mr Speaker, as we have come through this crisis.

And I want to thank Australians. I want to thank every single Australian, Mr Speaker, for their achievements.

For their achievements over this past more than 18 months, Mr Speaker, because it has been their forbearance, it has been their patience, it has been their sacrifice, Mr Speaker.

It has been their commitment and their determination, which even today, Mr Speaker, means in the past month alone we have been able to double the double dose vaccination rates across this country.

And, Mr Speaker, that ensures, as we now move to implement the national plan agreed across the country to ensure that we reach a stage where we live with that virus into the future.

Now, Mr Speaker, if the opposition, if the Labor party, if they want to support this national effort, Mr Speaker, then I invite them to spend more time supporting the vaccination program than undermining it, Mr Speaker.

I invite them to join the initiative, Mr Speaker, rather than engaging, Mr Speaker, in bubbles without thoughts, Mr Speaker, which has come from the leader of the opposition today.

Ill informed, ill disciplined, not thinking, Mr Speaker, of the consequences. Mr Speaker, if the leader of the opposition wants to come up with any alternatives, Mr Speaker, he needs to inform himself and he could start, Mr Speaker, by talking to General Frewen, who is running the vaccination program, who he has not yet sat down with, not once, Mr Speaker, since he came into the job. The person who is running our vaccination program for the government, he hasn’t even bothered to talk to him, Mr Speaker.

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