Boston’s Democratic mayor compares New York City’s vaccine passports to slave papers

We’ve done a few posts on people arguing for vaccine passports that would allow you to live a normal life: go out to dinner, drink at a bar, go to a movie, etc. What they never seem to consider is that those passports would discriminate against minorities.

The CDC reported today that only 28.4% of the black community have received the Covid vaccine. With states like CA and NY mandating vaccine passports to enter restaurants and businesses, the black community would be most affected by this modern day segregation

— Dr. Drew (@drdrew) August 4, 2021

Boston’s Democratic acting mayor, Kim Janey, has come out against New York City’s vaccine passports, comparing them to slave papers.

Boston mayor compares vaccine passports to documentation required during slavery, birtherism

— The Hill (@thehill) August 4, 2021

New York City is mandating vaccine passports, but Boston’s democratic mayor compared vaccine passports to slave papers:

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) August 4, 2021

Outkick reports:

Boston mayor Kim Janey (D) said Tuesday that the idea of requiring citizens to show vaccine passports to enter businesses is reminiscent of troubling periods in U.S. history when asking to see papers was common practice.

“There’s a long history in this country of people needing to show their papers,” Janey told WCVB. “During slavery, post-slavery, as recent as you know what immigrant population has to go through here. We heard Trump with the birth certificate nonsense. Here we want to make sure that we are not doing anything that would further create a barrier for residents of Boston or disproportionally impact BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) communities.”

So it’s not just Trump devotees in Florida and Texas who might be affected?

If you’re wondering why more blue cities aren’t implementing vaccine mandates, Boston’s mayor offers a clue: “We want to make sure that we are not doing anything that would…disproportionally impact BIPOC communities.”

— Aaron Sibarium (@aaronsibarium) August 4, 2021

Looking forward to Joe Biden’s spicy take on Boston Mayor Kim Janey comparing vaccine passports to slavery. Or does he only bother mouthing off when he’s targeting Republican governors who threaten his 2024 hopes?

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) August 4, 2021

— Bill (@BillJitsu) August 4, 2021


— I’m talking distance and years (@tortugaburger) August 4, 2021

Black people will be disproportionately affected by vaccine passports. I’m shocked we’re not hearing cries of “racism” from the rafters.

— Hot Tub Rabbits (@QSCaepio) August 4, 2021

She obviously wasn’t on the email chain

— Dylan (@patientwolf30) August 4, 2021

She’s right in a way, they’re an anti-freedom measures.

— Dr. Tacitus Rex (@TacitusRex) August 4, 2021

I love it when the race card gets flipped and played against radical leftists

— ColtJ (@JustinNelson22) August 4, 2021

The left will eventually eat each other.

— Defund the government (@redpill_45) August 4, 2021

She’s getting wrecked in the comments by people saying you have to show papers all the time, and she’s cheapening slavery with her analogy. But it’s still fun to see Democratic mayors sniping at each other.

And you know, one of Vice President Kamala Harris’ jobs was to encourage vaccination among the black community — looks like she failed at that too.


‘Why so RACIST, kitten?’ Blue-check who wants everyone to be allowed to ‘punch one anti-vaxxer’ knocks herself OUT

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) July 20, 2021

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