Kenya: This Is How the Kenyan Passport Ranks Globally 2022

Every year, an index ranking passports is released, informing the world of countries enjoying the most travel freedom.

So what makes a passport powerful?

According to the Henley passport index, mobility score (visa-free travel) is not the only thing that matters when it comes to passport ranking. Additional factors like world reach, global perception, taxes and ability to obtain dual citizenship come into play.

The Kenyan passport is currently top 10 of the most powerful passports in Africa, on a list topped by Seychelles and Mauritius. The other countries are South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Tunisia, Namibia, Morocco and Lesotho.

Globally, the Kenyan passport does not rank as great. In terms of Mobility score – the countries that a person holding a Kenyan passport can visit without having a visa or where they can get a visa on arrival, Kenya ranks at 68th position.

Kenyan citizens can travel visa-free to 34 countries, obtain a visa on arrival or an e-visa to 33 countries and a visa is required to travel to the remaining 130 countries and territories.

With global case numbers on the decline, many nations are easing their requirements for visitors to test or quarantine. Some countries, however, currently have a COVID-19 ban on Kenyan passport holders.

Kenyan? Here are the countries you can travel to easily, and those with a COVID-19 ban.


1) Antigua and Barbuda

2) Bahamas

3) Barbados

4) Benin

5) Botswana

6) Burundi

7) Cuba

8) Dominica

9) Eswatini

10) Eritrea

11) Ethiopia

12) Fiji

13) Gambia

14) Ghana

15) Grenada

16) Haiti

17) Hong Kong

18) Indonesia

19) Jamaica

20) Kiribati

21) Lesotho

22) Malawi

23) Malaysia

24) Mauritius

25) Namibia

26) Panama

27) Philippines

28) Rwanda

29) Saint Kitts and Nevis

30) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

31) Senegal

32) Singapore

33) Swaziland

34) Tanzania

35) Trinidad and Tobago

36) Uganda

37) Vanuatu

38) Zambia

39) Zimbabwe


1) Angola (Pre-visa on arrival)

2) Bolivia

3) Burkina Faso

4) Cambodia

5) Cape Verde

6) Comoros

7) Democratic Republic of the Congo

8) Djibouti (eVisa)

9) Gabon

10) Guinea (eVisa)

11) Guinea-Bissau

12) India (eVisa)

13) Iran (eVisa)

14) Jordan

15) Madagascar (eVisa)

16) Maldives

17) Mauritania

18) Mozambique

19) Nepal

20) Nigeria

21) Palau

22) Papua New Guinea (eVisa)

23) Saint Lucia

24) Samoa

25) Seychelles

26) Sierra Leone

27) Somalia

28) South Sudan

29) Sudan

30) Suriname (eVisa)

31) Timor-Leste

32) Togo

33) Tuvalu


1) Azerbaijan

2) Bangladesh

3) Cameroon

4) Indonesia

5) Japan

6) Kazakhstan

7) Laos

8) Macao

9) Marshall Islands

10) Micronesia

11) New Zealand

12) Solomon Islands

13) Taiwan

14) Tonga

15) Vanuatu

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